Rep. Morris is a clear and impassioned leader with an ability to engage with issues and colleagues across the political spectrum. While she is confident and formidable, she also demonstrates a genuine curiosity and a kind respect for others’ views. I have also attended meetings where she has presented or facilitated challenging conversations on racism and politics. She is compassionate and understanding of those with queries and concerns, while at the same time teaching and leading effectively to meet the goal of the presentation or the desired outcome.
— Policy Director, VT Network for Sexual and Domestic Violence
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kiah in her role as Ambassador for my organization for nearly two years now. In addition to her warmth, energy and enthusiasm which is immediately apparent when meeting her, she is an extraordinarily effective advocate.

I have seen her successfully connect with a variety of diverse audiences – U.S. policymakers, international leaders, corporate executives, the media, community and faith leaders to name a few – expertly shifting her communication style and content to capture the right tone and successfully bring people along. At the same time, she pushes those around her to be more creative and encourages unconventional thinking, offering her vast network of personal & professional connections and experiences to strengthen both our long and short-term strategies.
— Campaign Alliances Manager, Oxfam America
The ease with which Kiah can stand in front of a group and share information, stories, and her personal perspective is impressive. Her presentation is relatable, engaging, and always spot-on for what’s going to be the most effective communication. She knows how to judge a room – or a crowd of thousands -and match her energy and her style to what’s needed.
— Executive Director, Vermont Commission on Women
Kiah is a dynamic and captivating trainer who brings a deep well of knowledge and experience around building grassroots issue-based and electoral campaigns. Her passion and grounding in human rights principles were clear to everyone in the room, and exactly what our trainees needed - inspiration from someone who walks the walk combined with nuts & bolts information about how to build and run an effective and powerful electoral campaign.
— Political Engagement Director, Rights and Democracy