Kiah's work is interdisciplinary, timely and intersectional. All services are available as stand-alone offerings or in combination packages. To place an inquiry for professional services, please click here.


Workshops & Trainings

Kiah is an in-demand trainer and facilitator for inner-group dialogues. She can design a unique educational experience and implementation strategy for your team, organization or business to help you meet your long-range goals.

Topics available:

Race Talk and Implicit Bias: What we have learned, is that it is not enough to simply recognize the presence of implicit unconscious bias based on race to change an organizational culture. What we know, is that engaging in courageous and honest race talk can be terrifying and is deeply personal for all involved. What we fear though, is that our best efforts to create bias-free environments will fail because the work was insufficient to create lasting, systemic change. Kiah can provide education on implicit bias, facilitate inner-group dialogues on race and give your organization the tools needed to implement group driven ideas towards systemic change.

Moving Beyond Cultural Competency: The research is clear - organizations that have meaningful diversity out perform in all domains. Employees report greater satisfaction in their work and the quality of their work is markedly superior. In the movement towards greater equity, introductory cultural competency trainings are frequently employed to begin needed conversations. What we are finding is that becoming merely culturally competent is no longer sufficient. This program is for organizations that have completed some anti-bias training but have not seen a shift in perceptions of bias amongst peers. Kiah will lead your team in assessment methodologies to identify barriers and opportunities to strengthen your efforts.

Building Bridges Participatory Action Research (PAR): PAR is a research methodology that flips the typical anthropological relationship of researcher/subject by activating the members of a community in conducting their own inquiries about their lived experiences. This approach positions them as subject matter experts of their own experience and knowledge of the sectors they represent. Most strategies to address bias are centered on a victim/perpetuator dynamic which often impedes communication and the ability to activate readiness to change in groups. PAR disrupts this dynamic by centering the views and voices of the participants as equals. Kiah will guide your group in use the Photovoice Method to create a visual and narrative assessment of race relations within a defined community. The resulting work includes a photographic exhibit, archive of the findings and recommendations. Great for college or school environments.


Public Speaking & Lectures

Whether it is a room of thirty, or a crowd of 30,000, Kiah is an energetic, motivational, thought-provoking speaker and presenter. Topics include:

Creating readiness to change in divergent communities

Authentic leadership

The power of meaningful diversity and inclusion

Movement Politics: from activism to advocacy


Live Performance

Kiah is available on a limited basis for spoken word live performance at your venue. Her work is provocative, contemporary, lyrical and highly entertaining. From historical tellings of her family's history in the American south to humorous takes on pop culture, these events are not to be missed.

"I had never been to a spoken word performance before and didn't know what to expect. Kiah bared her soul to us all and brought us from body-shaking tears of grief to uproarious laughter throughout the evening. What a ride!"

"It was amazing! I laughed, I cried, I even DANCED. Her pieces were deeply personal and powerful."